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1. This is your online calculator, create your budget in real time.
2. Follow the steps so you dont get lost in the process. Dont write on the COST boxes
3. Enter numbers only on designated boxes labelled Glasses, on it's right side displays the cost of your selection per number of glasses you enter.
4. A summary report of your choices is displayed at the bottom page before the Submit Button.
5. Click Submit when your satisfied with the choices and cost you created for us to process your request.
6. A Lime Mobile Bar representative will reply to your SUBMITTED FORM email or contact you by phone in 1 business day.
7. If you are just canvassing, do not click SUBMIT
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Step 1. Fill-in your contact and event details as required

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*Venue Location:
Number of Guest

Step 2. Our regular service hours provides you with 4 hours of drinks, if you need more hours or extend our mobile bar service - enter the number of extra hours.
Mobile Bar Service Hours:
      Cost       Cost
Hours   4 Extra hours  
Step 3. Enter the number of glasses (min = 10) for the cocktail drinks you prefer.
If you don't require Cocktail Drinks, jump to Step 4.
Cocktail Drinks:
    Glasses Cost     Glasses Cost
Air Gunner   Caribbean Madras  
Mistletoe   Tequila Sunset  
Gimlet   Acacia's Plant  
Cuba Libre   Tropical Iced Tea  
Long Island   Exorcist  
Bolo   Teq and Tea  
Amy's Tattoo   Harvey Wallbanger  
Daiquiri   Tropical Temper  
Abbey Cocktail   Emerald Forest  
Pinacolada   Teqounic  
Tran   Maiden's Blush  
Cosmopolitan   Zombie  
Adam   Tom Collins  
Crantini   El Bano  
Boston Tea Hardy   Screwdriver  
Purple Haze   Margarita  
Rum Cola   Tequila Sunrise  
Thug Passion   The Yosca Drink  
Alabama Fizz   Acapulco  
Anna's Wish   Gin Fizz  
Tequila Mockingbird   Sangria  
Blue Canary          
Step 4. Enter the number of glasses (min = 10) for the mocktail drinks you prefer. If you don't require Cocktail Drinks, jump to Step 5.
Mocktail Drinks:
    Glasses Cost     Glasses Cost
Twista   Limeade  
Four Seasons   Orangatang  
Mojito Mocktails   Cranberry Crazy  
Shirley Temple   Hurricane  
Step 5. Enter the number of glasses (min = 10) for the shooter drinks you prefer. If you don't require Shooters, jump to Step 6.
    Glasses Cost     Glasses Cost
Lemon Drop   Kick in the Croth  
Dew Drop   Tequila Popper  
69er in a Pool   7up Shooter  
Caipiroska   Un-Goua  
Fig   Antifreeze Shot  
Vookoo   Shotgun  
Tiger   Upside Down  
Tequila Slammer   Ritz Fizz  
The Horney Canadian   Wild Prairie Fire  
Tequila Smash          
Step 6. Enter the number of glasses (min = 10) for Flamers you prefer. If you don't require Flamers, jump to Step 8.
    Glasses Cost     Glasses Cost
TLA   Irish Flag  
4th of July   Agua  
Z-28   Christmas Tree  
Grasshoper   Blow Job  
Mexican Flag   Coconita  
Test Tube Baby   B-52  
Blue Eyed Blonde          
Step 7. If you need to add some remarks or questions about the choices and cost, please write on the Remarks box. If your clear about everything, you can now check your Summary.
You can go back to any step to revise your choices
Service: hours  
Cocktail : glasses    
Mocktail : glasses    
Shooter : glasses    
Flamers : glasses    
    Your Budget:
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If you need extras not in this page, visit our Pay Bar Page. You can add from the Pay Bar List drinks we can bring so your guest can order/pay cash during the event or include them in your package cost. Just email us your Pay Bar list together with this package request.

MAKE YOUR OWN PACKAGES, does not include games if package cost is below P10,000. Additional cost for Beer Pong Table game is P1,500; Chess at P500, with alcohol for 4 hours.

Thank you very much,

Lime Mobile Bar Staff